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Corporate Information 

Corporate Name:   株式会社ガイア国際センター (Gaia International Center Co.)
                      [Corporate name was changed on September 8, 2015 from Tabikichi International]

CEO:                     Yuri Kusuda

Head Office:        441-8141  6, Goura Kusamacho, Toyohashi, Aichi

Business Office:       441-8011  2 Chome-58-2 Komoguchichō, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan 

                      TEL:0532-21-8088 FAX:21-8077

Foundation:         October 10, 2006

Capital Stock:        25,000,000 円(JPY)

Recruitment Agency Registered No.  

​            23-ユ301498

Profile of Yuri Kusuda (CEO)


1969  Born in Toyohashi, Aichi

1989  Graduated from Nanzan Junior College (Major in English)

1989  Started working at Echol International (Contract tour conductor)

1992  Started working at Misono Jigyo (Goenza tourism marketing)

2003  Started working at Union Koku (Tourism marketing)

2006  Founded Tabikichi International (Travel agency)

2007  Became a member of Rinri Hojinkai

2012  Became a member of Toyohasi Inbound Tourism investigator

2015  Changed the company name and business conditions

2017  Received the license of recruitment agency



 Thank you for visiting our website. Recently, Japan is facing a big change in history due to Olympic 2020. Japanese government has announced that the number of international tourists visiting Japan in 2015 was 20 million and the number would increase to

30 million in 2017. 

 Now let's face the fact here, the number of highly-motivated young people decrease, decreasing birthrate and aging population..

Japan is facing the serious issue of lack of manpower. I believe most of Japanese companies could not have enough manpower to handle if 30 million foreign people visit Japan.

 It is not only in hospitality industries but also variety of business is affected by such lack of manpower. I have heard a lot of voices that companies cannot develop forward only due to the lack of manpower.


 I was working in the field of tourism industry for 26 years and I felt it is my mission to develop this business, utilizing my knowledge and experiences to educate foreign people working in Japan who can resolve such difficult situations. I also have accomplished to gain knowledge of applying difficult work permit of highly-skilled professionals. Our business is to help companies to recruit high-educated foreign professionals who dedicate themselves for the sake of development of companies.


 All the students in Gaia have motivations and desire to work in Japan. Their passion look just as the ones with Japanese people right after the end of World War II. We also support people from the area that was devastated by natural disaster.

  Thank you for warm support and corporate with us. 

GAIA SLOGAN(Mission Statement in Workplace)


  1. I dedicate my passion, skill and knowledge to the company for the sake of business growth

  2. I am always willing to work

  3. My goal is to be a leader in this field as a professional

  4. I thank every person who has come into my life

  5. I fully comply with the rules and manners/ I ask before taking actions if I am not sure

  6. Informing/Reporting/Discussing are the most important actions in the professional field

  7. I try my best to maintain my health and hygiene

  8. “I am sorry” is the first word when I make mistakes